An extreme vision of the future of competitive cycling clothing

Q36.5 was launched in the summer of 2013 by Luigi Bergamo, who had back then more than 20 years of experience working at the highest level of the sector, to express a very personal vision of the cutting edge of pure performance cycling clothing. Q36.5 is less a brand and more a vehicle for continuous unrestrained experimentation and innovation. Each piece of clothing in the Q36.5 Essential Collection is an uncompromising piece of technical equipment for purist riders who appreciate the difference.

“Weight is not the goal, but the result”

The ultimate goal of Q36.5? Developing cycling clothing of the future. They collaborate with Italian elite textile partners to develop the most exclusive and qualitative fabrics in the world. Thanks to the combination of these high-end fabrics, especially designed for cycling, and the amazing designs, Q36.5 can now develop the lightest cycling clothing all over the world. 

Next to this they approach the goal of cycling clothing a different way. The mail goal of sports clothing, no matter the sport (biking, running, climbing..), is to maintain a healthy and more importantly a stable body temperature. The ideal body temperature during sports is 36.5°C, which is referred to in the brands name. Maintaining this stable body temperature means a better performance and more comfort! 

Eco sustainability

Q36.5 continually controls the quality of the used materials. Given the ecological footprint of their production process of only 300m² in Bolzano this is easier to examine. Thanks to the short transport distance the pollution stays low. Moreover, they only cooperate with suppliers who comply with an eco-sustainable production involving less water and if possible they re-use previous used water on an eco-productive manner. Q36.5 always uses eco-sustainable materials such as recycled yarns biodegradable and natural fibres.

B2B Webstore

Cycling- and sports shops are able to directly place an order using our B2B webshop. The log-in is your e-mail and the password is only known to you. If you haven’t got a login yet, please contact your Bowdy and Brave contact. Private individuals can’t directly order on our webshop. We are happy to refer them to their closest dealers.

B2B Webwinkel

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