The beginning of a new era…

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Jean-Pierre Feryn, a passionate cyclist since the age of 14, started his business career at the age of 25 as a sales representative at a wholesaler of cycling brands. Given his passion for biking and his entrepreneurship, he founded his own business a couple of years later in this small house in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. Feryn Cycling was born!
Feryn started distributing brands such as Sportful, Castelli, Giordana, Carrera… In 1994 Feryn Cycling changed its business location to expand the business. Feryn established in Willebroek.
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It took him tons of work, but Jean-Pierre kept persevering. After the loss of Castelli, which represented the biggest part of the turnover back then, Jean-Pierre went searching for a new clothing brand to take up the challenge. He made sure ASSOS became one of the top-of-mind brands (considering cycling clothing) in the Benelux and he became the biggest ASSOS customer all over the world. .

Other brands such as  Fulcrum, Gaerne, Campagnolo, Tacx, Rudy Project, Veloflex,… were added to the portfolio. Feryn grew to one of the biggest distributors in the Benelux. Next to the distribution of cycling clothing and –accessories, Jean-Pierre started producing his own bikes, cycling clothes, -accessories and –parts. This resulted in the following brands: ProraceCuesta en YAW Parts . . Every cyclist, amateur or pro, can order his overall tailor-made cycling package at Feryn.
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Giovanni Feryn, son of Jean-Pierre Feryn, who already worked for several years in the company, took over the company in 2018. Unfortunately, earlier that year ASSOS, which was purchased by an American private equity firm, chose to implement a new strategy and quit its collaborations with all its distributors. Ironically you might say that Giovanni started more or less the same way his father did. He relied on the knowledge and experience of his father and went looking for new brands to distribute which resulted primarily in the following top-range clothing brands; Q36.5 and Alé.

2019 was one of the most important years for Feryn New International. Change and renewal were top priority. Prorace got a whole new twist, there were some changes at the sales department and field service, new brands joined our portfolio etc. It was, by far, the most important year for Feryn, but 2020 didn’t take a back seat!

Starting from 2020 Feryn New International changed its name to Bowdy & Brave, which means good and brave/courageous and most importantly represents the beginning of a new era. Considering this decision, Giovanni starts a new chapter in which he, his team, suppliers and customers build for the future.

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In 2023, a new brand was added to the range. Bowdy & Brave became the new official distributor of “The Ace of Cycling”, the Italian Colnago. Colnago has the soul of a champion. They bear the glory of hundreds of victories. They strive for nothing but excellence. With a brand like Colnago, we continue to build on the ideology of distributing premium brands.
““We no longer think in products, but in concepts. We take care of the necessary trainings, product trainings and product presentations in our showroom or with our customer. This means every brand will get the necessary and proper attention it deserves. Every day we work at an outstanding service in terms of delivery and product availability.” Giovanni Feryn, Managing Director
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