Magped, the innovative patented
magnetic safety pedal.

The magped safety bike pedal is a true innovation for mountain bikes and e bikes. The patented magnet mechanism results in a quick and simple release of the foot from the pedal at any time. In comparison to standard click in pedals the risk of crash and injury will be reduced to a minimum – and your head stays free for a hassle free biking experience without fear.

Circular motion

The magpedpedal ensures a continuous circular tread by employing your extensor muscles (70%) as well as your flexor muscles (30%) for maximum riding performance. You will feel the difference especially on longer rides.


It’s a modern high quality flat pedal made from light CNC cut aluminium with a CrMo or Titanium spindle. All magped pedals are highly weight competitive to other high end pedals – in spite of the added magnet system.



The pedal allows a bit of a twist of your foot and therefore provides less strain on your ankles during your rides. In addition the foot position can be varied to the front or back without a loss of pulling force for an ideal position on your
ascend and your descend.


The magped pedal is equipped with 3 sealed high quality industrial type bearings. Pins can be exchanged if required. The high performance neodymium magnet is adjustable by means of an integrated polymer damper unit. 

Pulling force

on your choice of pedal the magnet will connect you up to approx. 18 kg in
pulling force (150 magnet). The force deploys primarily in a downward force and therefore a quick and simple release with a sideways move of your foot is
possible practically without effort. But even in more critical situations the
pulling force can be overcome without difficulties in a vertical direction as

Shoe plate

The shoe plate is made of anti corrosion treated steel and it is compatible with all SPD bike shoes. The shoe plate can be mounted very easily within a few minutes with 2 screws (ROAD 3 screws). In comparison to other systems the magped pedal is insensitive to dirt. Additionally the “walkability” of your bike shoe will be significantly improved.


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Magnetic pedals
for a safer and more efficient ride…

B2B Webstore

Cycling- and sports shops are able to directly place an order using our B2B webshop. The log-in is your e-mail and the password is only known to you. If you haven’t got a login yet, please contact your Bowdy and Brave contact. Private individuals can’t directly order on our webshop. We are happy to refer them to their closest dealers.